Friday, January 20, 2012

Tips On How To Give A Less Dangerous Living Conditions For Children

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By Tonee A Chianese

As much as Hollywood likes to portray home alarm systems as simple for virtually any technologically adept intruder to manipulate, it's not the truth in real life. This was precisely what I had been assured of when I acquired a home security device lately.

Being a single parent, I have to work long hours just to earn enough cash to pay the bills at the end of every single month. Sadly, this also means that the children are often left alone with their caregiver.

Since news of 2 house robberies within our area broke out, I have become incredibly concerned every time I don't make it home on time. Clearly, my kids and their caregiver wouldn't know how to take care of a home invasion if such a scenario arose.

I am the sole adult within our home and could not probably battle with a stronger and also probably armed thief if one would successfully get inside our house. Still, I wanted to be totally alerted whenever somebody would try to trespass our property.

As soon as a friend heard of my problem, he encouraged obtaining a HomeSafe wireless home security motion sensor. It can perceive motion from up to 8 meters away and it is radio frequency range of 300 feet even more boosts motion detection.

Criminals typically enter a house through the window or door so I ensured that I mounted it where it matters the most. I now feel much more protected realizing that I would be alerted in advance when a possible intruder is getting into our residence, not when he is right on our front doorstep already.

My kids' baby sitter or even one of my kids could call for assistance quickly once they see a suspicious person hanging around in the area. The moment the alarm sounds off, we can react on it promptly and get ourselves to safety.

Although I have an airtight home security device set up, I still try to get to home on time. But I feel a greater sense of peace realizing that our house has become a safer haven for my loved ones.

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