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How To Network With Facebook Friends

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By Leon Maximus

Networking is an important part of furthering your career or expanding your business. Social networking sites like this make it easier to connect with people and business. This article focuses on expanding your network with personal profile page and your Facebook friends.

Using Facebook for networking means you need to give out some personal information such as your name. However, you can minimize giving out too much personal information by separating your business account and personal account. Separating professional and personal profile is also necessary to avoid posting something that can make you look unprofessional on your Facebook profile.

You can limit how much info you give. However, remember when filling the Info page that you should give enough info so that people can recognize who you are. Upload your best photos on your album. These photos must make you look warm and professional. Never use silly photos or other photos that make you look unprofessional.

You can shorten the URL of your Facebook profile page through the Facebook Username setting. Choose your username carefully since you cannot change it later on. Include this Facebook URL on your business cards so people can find you on the site easily.

Now you may start finding and friending people you know. These people include your colleagues, customers, experts in the field, or anyone you have ever met in professional setting. You might want to consider adding some of your personal friends or family to this account, unless you want to strictly separate your personal and business accounts. Facebook also has a Find Friends tool. You can type in emails from people you want to find to search for them on Facebook. If they are not on Facebook, you can invite them to open an account there.

The next step is find new people to add to your friend list through your friends' friend lists. First, you can find people you know but do not have on your list. You might not know these people on personal levels. They might be speakers, experts, or anyone. After finding them, you can send them friend requests.

Friending a lot of people is not enough. You need to actively participate on Facebook. Read your friends' updates and leave some comments occasionally. Post news and updates about yourself but avoid posting negative things. You need to present yourself as positive and professional persona to impress your Facebook friends who check your Facebook page.

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