Saturday, January 21, 2012

Read About How To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter By Draught Proofing Your Home Now

By Damian Hounslow

After the cold snap last winter, it is very likely that you want to learn how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing you home. There are five forms of insulation that you can opt for and draught proofing is just one of them. Luckily, it is also the cheapest method at your disposal. Learn How to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home.

There are many ways that you can draught proof a home, whether you opt for insulation or look for cheaper options. It is important to have good insulation, so that less heat is able to escape through the gaps in your walls or through the roof of your home. You will also need to think about gaps in your windows and doors. These are things that you won't notice during the summer months but will cause more heat to be lost in the winter.

Of course, you cannot get away from using electricity and gas fully but you can help to cut down the amount that you use. By draught proofing your home well, you will be able to limit the heat that is lost so the heating does not need to be on as long. Draught proofing is easily done and there is no need to go out and spend thousands. You can usually do it with items you already have in your home, such as rolled up clothes to block the gap at the bottom of the doors.

Windows are another place for the heat to escape but you can counter that through the use of large, heavy curtains to block them. However, this will not stop the cold air coming through the gaps in your window. To stop this, you will need to find old clothes or some material to plug the gaps up.

You should also look at any other gaps that you have in your home, especially in basements or attics. It can be very easy to forget about them but these are places where a lot of heat will escape. Search for any holes that you have in the walls or roofing. You will also need to do this for any room that is commonly colder than others in the home.

Insulating your home is important and you will need to know what you have already. There are two types of wall insulation available, cavity or solid wall insulation. These are worth looking into when you have the money for it. The price is the only downside to insulation. You should also look into the advantages of loft insulation, where a lot of heat will rise into and escape from.

Learning how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home is the easy part. There are lots of options available. It is up to you what you use and which ones will work out economically viable. Looking draught proofing can be done with anything in your home, including old clothes and rugs.

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