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An Overview Of Internet Marketing

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By Verna T Buckner

Internet marketing may seem like ordinary television advertising that is mostly done in text versus including audio, however, the algorithms used by the search engines creates a whole new angle which does not exist in TV promotion. Let's take a quick look at how these very structures are completely different.

After registering a domain name, the next step in having an online business is the site design. Creating product categories can help in keeping a site neat and easy to navigate. It should be well organized and have a place where potential customers can ask questions. A Contact Us form, or its link, is usually included somewhere on the page.

Content is a major topic of conversation on the web, because it is supposed to have great importance in how the search engines index that page or an entire site. Each product has a text description and those words are the content, which is then used in comparing keywords to site relevance. Site ranking is based on these results.

Keywords have their own Meta Tag field in the page HTML coding, and when the SE spiders find that field, they search the rest of the web site to find other occurrences of those keywords. They should match with product names and descriptions, and if they are misused, those keywords can result in the search engines banning the site from future indexing.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are one of the most affordable means of advertising because the site owner does not pay for the ad to appear until someone clicks on that link. Then and only then is there a charge to the advertiser's account. PPCs can also be used in mobile marketing in text ads. The keywords for a product are used the same as in any other online PPC ad.

Social media showed up on the internet and captivated the audience of people who are interested in personal opinions of products and services. Blogs allow visitors to post comments, which can contain a backlink to the web site of the poster. Using this type of socialization can help build a following of people who visit your site and eventually become customers.

Internet marketing is a combination of such details as web site design, quality content that describes products, keywords and phrases that are allowed in using search engines, and spending time finding quality social media sites to further help in promoting a web site. Business people who find that it takes more time than they have to devote, often decide to contact a professional who specializes in site and product promotion.

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