Friday, January 20, 2012

Cloud Pbx for Small Business

By Yvonne Brixey

A cloud pbx phone system is not a dream. Cloud pbx is a term that describes an established business telephone service with a new name. Cloud pbx services cover the full range of phone services, often with less cost than traditional telephone services.

The pbx in cloud pbx stands for private branch exchange, which is a term that has been used for decades to refer to a phone system that is localized for a business. Pbx services can branch the limited number of phone lines that come into your business into a large number of phone extensions. Cloud pbx refers to a pbx system that is hosted in the cloud, which is the latest term used to refer to the internet. There are many benefits to having your pbx system not be in your office, but rather out in the cloud.

The first benefit of cloud pbx is a reduction in the amount of hardware that needs to be installed at your office. This is an immediate reduction in your costs, and further reduces costs over time since any repair or update of the hardware can be done by the service providers at their office. This saves the time and cost of sending a technician to your office. Furthermore, the repair or upgrade may be handled by simply switching your services to different hardware. Since service providers will have large banks of hardware at their office, this should be a very fast procedure. Indeed, some service providers offer additional services that include automatic rollover of phone service to different hardware if it is necessary to do so. While there may be extra cost for this service, having 99.99% availability of your phone system can make the cost worthwhile.

Cloud pbx is also referred to as hosted pbx because the pbx system is located at the service providers. It may also be referred to as hosted voip because every phone call is transmitted over the internet. Voip stands for voice over internet protocol and has been a phone system in use for a couple decades. It is a proven technology that is used by millions of business telephone systems as well as consumers. The benefits are numerous. One interesting service that cloud pbx offers is for a growing business. If you open a new office, that office can easily be included in your standard phone system. This means that any call from your main office can be forwarded to an extension at the new office just the same as it could within the main office. This helps keep your employees well connected, and it saves your business money since you do not have to install a separate phone service for the new office.

Cloud pbx systems are entirely digital, so many benefits of the digital age now roll into your phone system. Cloud pbx allows easy interaction with all of the computers at your office. This can mean using a computer as a phone, thru special software and a headset. A headset is cheaper than a full telephone, so this can be an additional cost savings. Mangement software is also available, so that you can keep track of the phone system and the call patterns from your very own office. This will make the effect of your marketing easy to see.Modern Cloud Pbx Systems

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