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By Marcy Jennings

Many citizens want to know if there is really such a thing as getting a mortgage and paying no closing fees. The reply is both yes and no. Yes, you can get a mortgage and not cover a closing cost up front, but as an alternative you will still have to pay it over time. So technically you're not getting it at no expenditure, you are just choosing to pay for it slowly. awfully there is a catch if you choose this selection - you will have to pay a higherprime rate to accommodate the lenders for not being able to compile the closing costs up front.

As I said earlier, there are a combination of some good and bad about a mortgage without any closing costs. It can be absolutely advantageous to you if you are short on money and just can't be able to pay to chunk a large amount of money down. on the whole, the more money you put down on the down payment the more you will save in the long run. So even though you don't have enough to do both, put as much as you comfortably can on the down payment, then you can examine with your broker what your monthly payment will be on the mortgage for each benefit.

Something else you should look at when choosing to have no closing costs on your mortgage is how long you arrange on living in your brand new place. Will you be there for a short moment of time, or will you live there for a while? discouragingly when not paying closing costs, it just doesn't check out to live there long term. If you plan on continuing for more than five to eight years, you are going to continue paying the high rate of interest long after the lenders made their money back from it. You could attempt to refinance after a few years, but with how low the interest rates right now are, you may not be able to find a better percentage.

Having no closing cost on your mortgage will add about half a percentage point onto the interest rate you're paying on the mortgage. That means if you had a rate of 4.25 on a 30-year-fixed-rate mortgage, a zero-cost mortgage could have a rate of 4.75 percent. This could be slightly more or less taking into account what the closing cost is.

Different lenders will give you different options on what you can do when you decide to have a no-cost mortgage. Just to be safe and get the best possible deal for you individually, it's always smart to talk with multiple lenders to see the different options you can choose from.

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