Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did You Hear About Modern Manufacturing Processes For Wooden Sash Windows

By David Campbell

Did you know there are modern manufacturing processes for wooden sash windows? The windows are not being constructed with methods that are friendly to the environment. The newest construction methods, for one, do not include lead stabilizers. This is great news.

This is not only good for the environment, but good for humans as well. Did you realize that a lot of construction material used in years gone by, is now considered harmful to human beings and the environment? Paint actually contained lead. Many young children were affected adversely because they would eat the chips of lead based paint. This was a real tragedy.

Respiratory problems, such as lung cancer, can be blamed on asbestos, a common material used for insulation. Sash windows were at one time, produced with lead based plastic. The lead in the window would break down over time an release into the air. But no more. This is great news.

Today, sash windows are produced with calcium organic stabilizers that produce no health risk. The product is also environmentally friendly. There is no longer the worry that the lead will enter the air and be breathed in by those opening and closing the windows. This is wonderful news.

Many sash window makers also use recycled materials to build their products. This means that a lot of dangerous material no longer ends up in the landfill. Our landfills are rapidly filling to capacity. The less that goes into them, the better. Let us save the landfills.

Many are interested in saving money on their energy bill. The new sash windows are produced with energy savings in mind. In years that have past, windows were not produced with insulation in mind. But now, windows are insulated so that they will keep warmth in during the winter, and cool in during the summer.

Many people actually receive government non interest loans in order to install energy efficient windows. If you are interested in this program, call your local government office for details and more information. There is a lot of grant money ready to be spent.

Sash windows are the favorite type of many people. Now they are even better than ever. They are safer and more energy efficient. Now is the time to look into these windows for your home.

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