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How To Grow Your Business Frugally

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By Carl Hulbert

During the tough times any business is facing currently, it is necessary to see where budget cuts can be made. Cutting sales and marketing is detrimental to the growth of the business but finding lower cost alternatives to replace expensive current activities can help the business. This article will explain why a telemarketing companies can be one such lower cost alternative.

Prospecting companies focus on the activity most people hate. One of the hardest jobs for any salesperson is to do outbound telemarketing. Using a prospecting firm can allow your salespeople to focus on current customers and their needs so that sales can increase both with current customers and with new customers.

Sales are dependent upon the communication of your message to prospects and this occurs through marketing. In this business climate, it is about maximizing your marketing dollars and an outbound telemarketing company is one of the most efficient uses of those dollars to increase sales.

Many businesses do not have a very unstable business pipeline. Using a prospecting firm can keep the sales pipeline full so that more sales can increase as a result of this full pipeline.

One of the first areas of spending any business cuts during a recession is marketing. If you have to cut your marketing spending, you can reallocate dollars to outbound telemarketing and increase your sales at a lower cost to your marketing dollars.

A recession dictates that you must be extremely attentive to how you spend your marketing dollars. Using an outbound telemarketing company can allow you to track your dollars closely and help you increase sales while spending the amount of money available in your marketing budget.

Many businesses and individuals will fail to respond to a prospecting firm over the phone when times are good. A recession makes these people and businesses more receptive to talking with others about how to save money so you can avoid costly mailings and increase sales with a telemarketing campaign.

Companies try to reduce all expenditures during a recession simply to maintain their current business. This offers you the opportunity to build your business by using a prospecting firm because few of your competitors will be attempting to acquire new business.

Studies have been done showing that those companies who maintained and increased marketing during a recession enjoyed an explosion of natural growth well beyond those which reduced expenditures. Using a prospecting firm will put you in this path of great natural growth because prospects are aware of what you have to offer.

Prospecting firms focus on telemarketing and this is an area most salespeople struggle. Using these specialists means that the number of calls can increase with the quality and quantity of prospects greatly increased. If you want to grow sales but at a reasonable cost, you will look closely at how much it costs to get a new client. It is necessary to try different tactics to lower this figure and an outbound telemarketing company is a tactic you can watch and carefully measure.

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