Monday, February 6, 2012

Maid Agency Hong Kong - How to Choose the Right One

By Alice Sy

Busy parents in Hong Kong long to hire a housemaid who they can depend on. Since she will be in charge of the house while they are at work, the quality of service that she can give and her trustworthiness are among the top characteristics that should be present in her. Maids such as this can be hired with the help of a maid cleaning agency in Hong Kong.

They should be willing to replace a worker free of cost. There will be instances where in you cannot put up anymore with the housemaid that you just hired and you came up with the decision to let her go. If her stay in your home has not reached a period of one year, you should still be allowed get a free replacement.

You should not be given a minimum period of time to return the housemaid that you hired. If you will find out that she is not fit to work in your home, you can return her to the agency right away.

Make sure that the company is operating legally. You can look for their credentials, such as permits and certifications to know if they are accredited by the law. You can also verify their legitimacy to ensure that you are dealing with the right agency.

They may have a nice looking office or a big one but that will not be enough. Get to know about their reputation and how they do business. Seek testimonials from their previous clients and search for online reviews about them.

You can conduct a small background check by asking the people you know if they have heard about that certain company. You can also draw out information from the housemaids in your neighborhood who might have come from such agency. A good agency will surely be recommended by people and you will be hearing good reports about it.

See to it that the agency provides written contract. Read the contract very carefully before you close any deal with them. Make sure that there will be no hidden charges and the like. Everything should be written in black and white as well.

There is no need for you to rush if you want to be able to find the right agency where you will get your housemaid from. Finding a good housemaid may not be too easy but with the help of such agency, there will be less effort required.

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