Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Reasons To Use An MLM Blog

By Bob Graithly

Are you using an MLM blog in your business? If you're looking to maximise your results then you should really consider doing so.

If you are using the internet to grow your business then it's especially important to concentrate on building trust and rapport with people. There have been several stories over time of folks that have been ripped off online and this can create a resistance in the minds of your prospects even before they see your website. So you want a way to get through the resistance that people may have.

Using attraction marketing will go a long way to achieve this. This will allow you to promote yourself in such a way that potential customers can find you and learn about you before making a purchase, or you even asking for a sale. If you are someone that has their own marketing blog, then this is easily achieved

Having you own MLM blog is having your own real estate online, it's your house where your visitors will come by invitation and often without invitation. Your blog is like your permanent worker, introducing you to your prospects and creating that all important first impression.

You might want to dedicate your front page to introducing yourself, pictures always work well and you could write a short page about you. Explain your background, your business, how you came to be involved with network marketing etc. You should also make regular blog posts that provide valuable information and training to people. People love folks who are helping others! If you discover something new, write about it, so others can benefit from your knowledge.

You can also use your blog as a lead generation tool. My personal blog generates 20-50 leads each day and this is because I get a lot of traffic to it. Using content marketing I generate traffic to my site and most of it comes from the search engines, using a few simple procedures you can have your content ranking in the search engines. Make sure that your blog is capable of capturing information, so you need some opt in boxes where people can put in their name and email address in exchange for something that you are offering (often called a lead magnet). This will enable you to generate leads.

You might want to consider having a page on your blog where you recommend tools to other people that you use in your business. You can sell the products through an affiliate link and make money from it. It's always best to recommend tools and products that you use yourself, you don't want to promote rubbish, it can harm your reputation.

Many people in the industry that I speak to say that setting their own blog requires them to be technically gifted. The reality is that you don't really need much technical expertise at all, it really is a few clicks away. Just a few minutes research will show you that it's not difficult at all. I would seriously advise you to buy a web hosting account and domain and use a 'self hosted' blog. Using a free service often isn't a good idea, if the owner of the site doesn't like your blog for any reason whatsoever, they can wipe it out with the click of a button. So all your hard work could be gone.

One sure way you can explode your business, position yourself as a leader and have prospects coming to you, is to set up and regularly contribute to your own MLM blog.

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